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Monday, September 26, 2011

holiday in malaysia, March 2011

Ni cerita basi 7 bulan lepas. nak jugak update walaubagaimana pon.blame the malas me.
soo much to tell yet so lazy to write anything.but since baru lepas abis exam ni, alang2 bosan jadi marilaaaahhh!

first of all, cuti march aritu sangat lamaaaa! 3 weeks. ahaha. what, you think 3 months? mmg jangan mimpi!xpaham kenapa students medic kat other places boleh cuti berbulan2 but my place xsampai 1 bulan pon.tak adil betul.

anyway, aritu smpai malaysia pukul 12 malam and macam biasa mr.buncit dtg ambik. teman me till morning. and and and he surprised me with a cake! my favorite cake, chocolate indulgence for my belated birthday. so scweeet my buncit..hee. sampai2 malaysia jek terus menggemukkan diri.hurmmm..

now lets start with the 1st week at home sweet home.
1st week tu sy sempat duduk melepek di rumah 3 ari je kot, before pegi smula ke kl to spend time with my nazmi. since dia tengah ada attachment hospital that time, i cant ask him to come back to terengganu. that is soo selfish of me, so i booked a ticket to kl, thanks to my mama.:-)

stayed in kl around 4 days.eh ke 5 days?eh whatever..sooo..we went shopping,bought some stuffs to bring back to india,teman him men futsal, lawat his college and friends, and paling best dpt teman him praktis for his dinner performance. this was my first time tgk dia men gitar live depan mata actually.klu tak before this thru webcam jek.lol sedih.he actually insisted me to follow him pg kolej and tgk dia praktis. the original plan was dia ajak pegi his college's dinner,tapi sbb tarikh dinner tu ubah then sy xsempat.;-(.thats why pg tgk dia praktis pon ok.

then, my parents dtg kl and kitrng fly off to sabah and sarawak for holiday. stayed in sabah for 2 days and sarawak for 4 days. and tu jugak my first time eva pegi sarawak. nothing much to see actually but kuching mmg cantik la. nak pegi sarikei tapi xsempat plak. maybe next time. sempat tgk bujang senang jek.haha.akif sgt excited. siap ajak pg zoo buaya.tapi xpg pon.xsempat.

my last week in malaysia tu nothing much pon yg sy buat. my grandma dtg stayed with us for the whole week sbb cucu dia surng ni balik. i love my grandma yg comel tu sgt2! hee..owh yaa, nazmi ada balik that weekend tooo.. tapi sekejap jek la.tapi still sempat dating .motif?

lepak di restoren padi,cyberjaya with him.

ada sepasang burung yang ske sangat dtg around my house area. ni burung apa eh?enggang?

skating with him.;-)

my buncit while practising and he was soo cool!hihi.

pizza time!ok lapar plak tgk makanan...

waiting for the plane to sabah.

kota kinabalu.

sarawak nite time.

laksa sarawak.nyums!

museum sarawak. see this picture carefully, and then watch the picture below.


the museum from outside

replika bujang senang.

kek lapis sawarak!now im getting reaally hungry while writing this.erghh

harusla my mum borong habiss.

trying out melapis kek lapis sarawak.hehe.

and our first time nek sampan. mama xmo nek sbb dia tkut.haha,

aish demok nye anak2 en zahar nihhh

pantai batu buruk. read the tshirt! it says-
my gf went to london
and all i got was
this lousy tshirt.

yeah i bought him this shirt last time masa pg uk.hihi.nasib nazmi tak malu nk pakai.;p

so i guess thats all about my 3 weeks holiday in malaysia. short n sweet review.;P

p/s- next bila rajin nak update sal engagement details plak. (bila rajin jek)

till then, taaaa!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the engagement

hee i am someone's fiancee now . cant believe it my self. its been 24 days since the engagement.and i am a happy person. ;-)

date : 1st sept 2011 (3rd Syawal)
place : my house

sebenarnya i dont feel like uploading pictures in this blog dah. blog ni too public and its quite scary coz i dont know who's been reading it. so yeah..maybe im going to make it private one day.