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Friday, November 26, 2010

10 things i wanna do before i die

so i posted my wish list before and now i wanna talk about things i want to do before i die. u might ask me whats the difference between my wishlist and the things i wanna do before i die. well, my wish list is something i can achieve in the future, IF i have the money and work for it too. but the list in 'things i wanna do before i die' is just purely imagination and surely not something achievable pon! u might laugh at my list but who cares.;p.

now lets begin..

1) my top of list isss...spending 1 whole day with my japan idol, Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi! owh my, if i ever got the chance to do so, i might as well die the next day.haha! well my close friends surely know my love towards yamapi. he is the only artist that i adore for the longest time. and the thing is, i dont even know why i like him sooo much. true enough he can sing,dance,act, yada yada but still, nape ntah suka sgt macam xde dah artis lain lagi hebat.haha.owh i wish i can go to japan and meet him one day.

if only he is a medical student at my place, i swear i wont skip class, EVER.;p

2) next top of my chart is i want to be in a girls group idol.hakhak! told u this is purely my dream. but hey everyone can be a dreamer.;p. but why do i want to be in a girls group such as SNSD(most popular girls group in korea) ? because they are popular ,of course. and because they are popular, they travel alot, all around the world. its like you are enjoying yourself but at the same time, u get money for doing so. whats more satisfying than doing the job u love and enjoyng yourself at the same time.owh i wishh..

3) have my own private jet and fly it myself. when i was a kid, i wanted to become a pilot. for me, it is a cool job, and it is more cool if u'r a female pilot.

4) a vacation to the outer space! if only im a billionaire. pfffttt.

5) have my own island paradise. when im tired or when im sick of the busy and populated world, i can just spend my time at my own private island with my family. my island of paradise with dolphins playing around, drinking coconuts, laying back on the beautiful beach, the smell of the sea, the enchanted scenery.. owhhh...paradise..

6) my own shopping mall. so that i can just go down to my mall if im short of clothes and pick any dress to wear. owh my mall must have all the top designer boutiques.and if im tired of my clothes, i can just resell it with discounts.if only this is real, im the happiest person in world.;p

7) sky diving. i dont think im brave enough to do so, but if i get the chance, why not?

8) own a Lamborghini sport car.

something like this will do.;p

9) own a cute dog. i know its prohibited in Islam but seriously i think dogs are cute. true enough, i like dogs more thn cats. they are loyal and playful. everyone knows that.

10) road tour all around the world, by car. starting from malaysia, up to thailand, China, then Russia. sumpah then xnak naik keta sampai bila2 dah.lol

if only the dreams do come true. now i want my own fairy god mother that can fulfill my wishes.haha.ok dh mengarut.>.<

till we meet again,byebye!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

my wish list!

dah dekat sebulan tak update blog. blame the laptop yang tibe2 nak rosak plak. n lucky me yang tinggal di incredible india ni, xboleh baiki my laptop yet sebab xde bahan2 yg diperlukan di sini.(ayat dah macam resepi masakan plak). kalau nk baiki,kena tunggu april next year masa balik malaysia.pffftt! tapii, now dah ade laptop baru.yey! not mine la, nazmi punya. dia bg pinjam sementara nk tunggu sy balik malaysia next year. heee..

owh back to the topic. tadi tengah kemas2 barang tibe2 terjumpa my wish list hidup yg sy penah buat duluuu. kelakar plak tengok balik my wish list ni. bercorak2 konon abis cantek la buat wish list ni. siap ada jangka masa pendek and jangka masa panjang! sumpah malu kalau ada org len jumpa.;p. but now terasa nak list down balik the wish list.(but some points maybe filtered due to menjaga maruah diri.hahaha)


1)ade wish lish.LOL
2)sony camera (done!)
3)smartphone/blackberry (gonna get this soooooooonn...;p..-update:DONE)
4)naik hot air balloon (done! masa pergi Egypt back in 2009)
5)kumpul perfume(now stick to one perfume only,tak terasa nak kumpul dah pon.so plan terbengkalai)
6)bungee jumping(soo gonna do this one day nnti)
7)starcruise vacation
8)Europe trip (done! march 2010)
9)Disneyland (done! march 2010)
10)polaroid camera (been thinking bout this for a while. org len sibuk nak pakai dslr, sy nk polaroid plak.;p)


1)finish travel to all 7 wonders of world ( so far dh pg Taj mahal, Pisa, Colloseum, Pyramid..nk tgk great wall of china plak plis?)
2)finish MBBM without sangkut mana2 paper.ameen.
3)specialist ( akan difikirkan kemudian2 nanti.)
4)nak suami best!waakakka.;p
5)take care of my parents
6)properties (car,house,etc)
7)pg honeymoon to several places!;p
8)kumpul duit byak2 n travel lagi,honeymoon lagi,n shopping byk2.LOL

okeyh thats all.taaaa!;p