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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my diet plan!

oh my,ive been thinking of this since forever.i kept telling myself,control my eating habits,diet,exercise blah blah blah and nothing seems to work.so here it is,im going to publish it in my blog so that i can always read n remind myself!
since ill be going back to malaysia in 2 weeks,im planning to lose some weight before that.lets see how it goes..so here it is..

  1. im going to drink JUST mineral water starting from now! yeah,no more sweet drinks.coz sweet drinks have more calories mind u! so besides losing some weight,i can also control my blood sugar level.not that im diebetic or what,its just a good prevention.
  2. ill start exercise/gym EVERYDAY till the day im off to malaysia.haha.this is kindda funny coz me either dont think i can follow this rule.*sigh*.any how,ill try my best to do so! but wait,since ill b going to manipal this coming weekend,looks like this plan will have to work next week.=p
  3. not going to/eat less RICE! yes,rice is the main contribution for carbs and i will cut down eating rice.
  4. not going to eat after 8! this is so hard i tell u.because being me,the one who always stay up late *not to study most of the tyme,but watching movies* ill end up hungry in middle of the nyte.and i cant control myself from eating anything.haish!susahnye...
  5. no chocolate!no!no!no!

i guess thats all i can think of rite now.so yeah,Nirna pliz follow this diet plan will u?! i wanna hear good news at the end of this 2 weekx!

till then,tata.=p

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