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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something Special

u and me
we'r in our own phase now
nothing like others
but special in our own way.
we'v gone through ups and downs
above the ocean,under the sky
climbing up hills,walking down valleys
we'v learned a lot from each other
improving ourselves to be better.
now all i can say is that
i cant live my life
thinking if one day i might lose u
i cant imagine waking up late at night
feeling that u are not there for me
i cant face the world
realising that u are not in my world.
now hear me speak
listen to my heart
i just want to say that i love u
that i need u
i want u
n i miss u
for every single minute in every single day..
i love u so much..enuff said...

p/s - i juz woke up late at night,
thinking of him and suddenly came out with this ,erm poem?
nothing much, juz somthing that come from deep in heart,
the pure feeling of loving someone.=p.

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