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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

i can still remember about 2 years ago, me and nazmi were discussing our wedding date. yup, awal gila bincang bila nak kawen, macam bunyi tak sabar giteww. that time we decided nak kawen on 20.12.2012.
konon2 nak tarikh cantik for our wedding. time tu dahla tengah jelus org ramai kawen tarikh 20.10.2010, so kami pon buat keputusan nak kawen on the 20th dec 2012.

but why december? you see, month of december is quite special for me. first, because my birth date is in december, same with my brother, dia pon lahir december so we always end up celebrating it together. second, my parent's anniversary pon in december. so yeah, too many events in december yang membuatkan december is my favorite month! thats why i want my wedding date in december so bad.;p

but that time, talking about wedding was only mere dream. memang tak expect pon nak kawen around that time. yela, belajar pon lambat lagi nak habis (i was in 3rd year that time), duk fikir pasal kawen plak and kalau ikut contract belajar, tak abis final exam lagi masa tu. lagipon sy pk macam tak possible jek nak kawen bulan 12 sebab kat east cost tengah musim tengkujuh bulan 12.but deep down, i always wish for it to come true.

then, last year, me and nazmi got engaged on the 1st sept 2011. yeay, one step closer. and after that, suddenly our mbbs contract ditukar from 5 1/2 years, jadi 5 tahun saje. meaning by the end of october 2012, if i pass my final mbbs exams, sy dah boleh balik mesia for good. that time i was so happy sebab my wish to get married on december might be possible.

but came along few problems afterwards. first, masalah siblings. problem nya sebab adik2 yang blajar oversea tak sama cuti. ajat punya holiday is between december till february. so tak de masalah sgt. tapi adik2 nazmi, 2 org di mesir. and masing2 boleh cuti bulan february jek. so after few times discussing, our parents decided to do our wedding in february 2013. i was so sad actually. see, in feb 2013, i might have started my HO, so of course la time tu dah busy kerje. bila masa plak nak kwen? and kawen in 2013 sangat la tak best. i just hate the number 2013, and my age pon dah 26 by that time. my dream was to get married before 26 okeyhh.haha. so yeah, sedih sgt..tapi dah pasrah dah, terima jela kan keputusan org tua.

selepas dh pasrah and dh register in my mind yg i will get married in february 2013, tiba2 my parents bg kejutan plak. they decided to change the nikah day on the 20th dec 2012 (as i wish for.;p) . you see, my parents knew all along that i want my wedding in december, tapi diorg tak agree sbb memikirkan adik2 nazmi cuti in february, and diorg tak nak buat majlis kawen masa musim tengkujuh. so they know i was so sad. but then after a while, they decided to change the nikah day for me. hehe. so yess people,  my nikah day will be in december,however the reception is still in february so sempat semua adik beradik berkumpul and harap2 time tu dah habis musim tengkujuh. so yey!!

so here i want to announce my nikah day is in 20th december 2012!
save the date people!;p

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