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Saturday, October 31, 2009


so.. i knoe JASSI(jalinan antara sahabat seluruh india) ended 2 weekx back but i am updating about it only now..ive learned many things from it,many UNEXPECTED things which i thot of sharing it here.

first, FASTING..

we as doctors-going-to-be should know things that patients are allowed to take without having them to break their fasting.so here goes the list..


-sublingual drugs

-nose drop

-local anesthetics


-eye drop

-blood donating

-O2 inhaler

second, SOLAT QAUF..yess, as a surgeon that needs to perform operation for hours ,you can do solat qauf..this means you can perform solah while standing in the OT..but how to do it exactly?ive no idea..go google la!

till then,tata.=p

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