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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i am a busy woman!

its 3 am now and im up!still awake but i slept earlier from 10 to 3 am. this week gonna be a hectic week for me..i had pharmacology seminar yesterday.i think i did well eventho im kindda mengarut2 gak tyme jawab tu.haha.nervous kot! then,i have 2 tutorials for phato this week,thats what im studying now.next week,ill have 2 phatology test and microbiology test.great!what a life..

but wait..! another 24 days before im going back home,MALAYSIA!!!weeeeeeeee! icant wait any longer! im sure gonna spend this holidays to the fullest.well you see,my lil bro is going to sydney next february.so this is the last tyme im going to see him.its kindda sad u noe.coz sidney,their holidays are not the same with mine,in india.so ill probably going to see him another yearss from now.huhuhu.sad!!

owh,im getting nearer to the final!! haishh.its in march. i can imagine the tensioness that we will face another months ahead.with all the topics i need to catch up,tutorials,tests,not to forget my 3rd IA.owh i am soo in need to score for this 3rd IA or ill be dead for final!!seriusly!seriusly!!haish!

so thats why i said,this coming holiday in dec, i must spend in wisely and come back to india fresh and ready to sturggle for the final.i am praying hard that i can go through this and not left behind.ameeen..

till then,tata!

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