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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

world wide friends!

i love making new friends with people from other countries.i think its the best way u can learn about others and in the same time,u can promote your country also.

now,i have a new friend from egypt. i knew her form Facebook when she suddenly sent private message to me.actually it started when she wanted to ask me about Yamapi *Yamapi is an artist form Japan,which currently i am obsess and in love with him.lol.ill talk about him later in my next post*..so,since then,we keep on sending each other messages telling each others about our life. its interesting that u can share ideas and know about each other.everyday,i keep on anticipating,waiting from her messages and its kindda exciting! i hope this friendship will last long.and i hope to make new friends more form other countries also.

so people out there,come and be my friend! i am waiting for youu..lol

till then,tata!=p

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