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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding


here i am, in front of the laptop, streaming the BBC news channel to watch live the wedding of the century (i supposed we can call it that way) of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Gosh me soo excited cause its not an everyday event, its once in a life time experience to see something like this. tho i am not there but watching it live thru internet is good enough.

sangat kagum dengan hubungan cinta diorng. yela, 10 tahun kot diorng bertahan! and william, he is a prince, A PRINCE, yang boleh dapat mana2 perempuan cantik out there but he is still loyal to her. sangat impressive. kate middleton, for the win!

about the wedding, owh what can i say, the wedding dress sangat sangat cantik! not too fancy, but still elegant. white dress with laces around shoulder and lengan. she looks lovely,stunning, gorgeous. not to mention the make up that she did it all by herself. oh org dah memang cantik, apa2 pon still cantik.

haih ni yang buat sy berangan mengarut2 ni. haha. mama, nak horse carriage for my wedding boleh? white horses tau!;p

look at the dress!

owh my, such a fairy tale..sigh..

anyway congratulation to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


ad_nin said...

buat penat streaming. aku tgk kt tv je td laa.hehehe..

Dr.neerna hazeera said...

tapi tak liveee.;p.ke ko ponteng??lol