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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Oncal and First Perrectal

the hematoma

Now I'm in operation theater, waiting for appendisectomy surgery but end up tengok brain surgery for hematoma. Btw this is my first time doing oncal for surgery posting. Tapi sampai pukul 8pm jek.teheee..

Owh yah, td sy tengok colonoscopy for 2 patients. Perghh agak nasty jugak la this procedure with the stools and all.

Patient 1 - old lady, came with lower GIT bleeding. On colonoscopy, mucosa edematous. Biopsy taken to rule out any malignancy.

Patient 2 - old man with anemia. did my first perrectal for this patient. no abnormality detected.

Tadi time colonoscopy, Dr anil boleh plak selamba mkn biscuit sambil tgk the procedure. LoL.

P/s - jumpa Dr Cristopher and dia sgt cool and baik.skee!:p

Ok,got to go. Sambung tgk surgery.adios.

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