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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top 5 places i want to go.

surely everyone has their own dream places that they wanna go. for me, these are my top choices and i surely hope 1 day i can visit these places before i die. or maybe even better if i can go there for my honeymoon?HAHA.

so my top choices currently,

1) Maldives

beautiful scenery with clear blue water, surely heaven on earth!

and i absolutely love to try snorkelling here tho i doubt i know how to do so.hehe

and nak tinggal dalam resort like this too.

2) Korea

Seriously nak sangat pergi korea 1 day nanti. i dont know why im so fond of korea.;p. nak tengok their culture, nak tengok bandar and lagi untung kalau dapat jumpa mana2 kpop idol.HAHA. and lagi best kalau boleh pergi jeju island jugak. hehe.

this is Jeju Island

this picture plak kat Namsan tower. heee i wanna go there n write my own love letter like this.;p

3) South America

yup, nak pegi south america and most importantly nak pegi tengok macchu picchu at peru.i dont know why but there's something interesting about the world wonder that makes me want to go there. if you dont know what macchu picchu, here is the photos.


of coz, who doesnt want to go to japan?

sangat cantik!


walaupon i dah pergi paris in 2010, tapi masa tu tak cukup masa untuk jalan2 sangat, tak puas lagi meronda2 dalam bandar paris. and i want to go back to disneyland paris.hehe. and this time, i wanna go with my nazmi.tehee..he said his dream vacation is paris, so apa lagi, take me there!

well i guess thats all for now. tak la banyak sangat.heee.semoga satu hari nanti impian akan tercapai.ameen.
-all pictures taken from google-

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