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Friday, June 29, 2012

Final MBBS Professional Exams

so if you guys dont know, im in my final year of medical school! and my final, like the most final exam to determine you to be a doctor is in september, which is like another 3 months from now!

fyi, i still dont know how to study for the exams. like seriously this is the most un prepared exams ever! i know, like crazy! gila apa dia ni nak  final medic tapi x prepare..hukhuk..i still dont have any planning yet for the exams. usually i will come up with a plan of how to study, but this time tak de! and im so scared !!!

with the new system implemented on us, i just dont know if i can do it in the finals. the format is so different from the normal format that we usually did for the past 4 years, and that is the most scariest part. i dont know if i manage to answer the question paper or not in coming exams.hukhuk...

ok,ini la keluhan hatiku buat masa ni..haha...doakan semoga i lepas my exams please! i dont want to extend my stay in india ni..huuuu.....please please pray for me. thank you!!!

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