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Monday, June 25, 2012

Jealousy, is it good or bad?

do u often get jealous when somebody talks to your partner, or joking around with him?
is it because you love them that u get jealous? or is it because you dont trust them and feel insecure?

i know guys tend to feel anoyed kalau kita asyik nak jealous memanjang. but why?because they will interpret our jealousy as not trusting them! but i guess its true, we feel jealous sbb kita takut our partner 'tersuka' orang lain, or 'terselesa' berkawan dengan org lain which eventually terjadi la kisah kayu 3,4,5..etc.. tapi why must this feelings ada in the first place?

for me, i do get jealous sometimes, like once in a while. but then, slowly those feelings menghilang, sebab ape? because i trust him so much! and i know him to the core, and i know he wouldn't do things to hurt me. for example, ada org nak berkenalan with him. first thing he did was, he will tell me yg ada org nk menggedik with him.haha. yes, he is that jujur. and second thing, i knoww that nazmi will not layan that girl, why?because i trust him. simple as that. no explanation needed. then how do you think we survived this long distance relationship for years if its not because of trust?

besides, nazmi is not like those guys yang bila ada gf jauh2, berlagak macam single. bila org tanya dah ada gf?mengaku tak de so that saham tak jatuh.(pfft..ckup annoying lelaki macam tu)..no, he is not like that. even masa dekat kolej pon, all of his classmates tahu the gf is in india. lagi satu, kenapa sy nk jealous?? amboi nak perasan my bf ni hensem sgt ke? di gilai ramai ke sampai nak rasa jealous bagai?haha..

but sometimes, i cant help it. that jealous feelings tetap ada kadang2. but its not because i dont trust him, nooo..its just that i dont like it if perempuan lain menggedik2 with him. biarla sy sorng jek yang dia layan, jangan nak mengada layan perempuan lain. bukan tak percaya kan dia, just tak suka. thats it! so guys need to understand this. we cant control our feelings, its not like we ask for being like this. guys must understand that girls are sensitive human being. especially if it involves the person that we love most.( and also especially if time pms, goshh..buat salah skit mmg silap la. terus semua perasaan tak best timbul).

so yeah, my point is girls must stop being unnecessarily jealous towards your partner, and men also should stop doing things yg boleh menimbulkan jealous seperti melayan perempuan lain. ape, tak penat ke layan sorang perempuan,ni nak layan banyak2 perempuan lagi kan?hehe..

thats all my mumble rumble this morning. til then,bye.

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