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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

happy birthday Aizat!

hello people!

Today rasa macam ada something jek tak kena..pk punya pk,tgk hp then..14th Dec!oh nooo..patut la, rupa2 nye its my brother's birthday!!nyaris terlepas wish midnight.though kat Aussie dah tengah pagi buta, i'll wish him gune local time ajek..aww u r big enough now bro..19 years old!huh i wish im at your age still..anyhow have a blast birthday coz i know you do. you have great friends there,and i know they will treat you well.

i cant remember when was our last time celebrated birthday together. we used to celebrate together coz our birthdays are only 2 weeks apart. missing the good old days when our parents always wanted to suprise us during the birthday(though we knew earlier sbb we sneak around the house nak cari mana diorng sorok hadiah.hahaha!). pastu diorng akan try sorok2 hadiah,suruh kita cari sendiri. then kita slalu compared with each other hadiah sapa paling banyak. tapi rupa2nya hadiah kita berdua sama jek. kalau awak dapat 5 hadiah,org pon dapat 5 hadiah.kalau awak dpat mickey's bag, org dapat minnie's bag.xde lebih xde kurang.sebab kalau org lebih,awak akan mengamuk.LOL.yeah, awak kan ske mengamuk.such a cry baby! but look at you now..how did you grow that tall?that big??i must have missed seeing you grow.

Aizat is my second brother. we are 4 years apart, but people always mistaken him to be the big brother. sapa suh besar ngat?or adekah sy yg kecik sgt?akif pon sedang membesar,and eventually i'll be the smallest in the family.owh great!u've been a great brother to me,tho annoying sometimes(sometimes ke??). always the excellent in family.always the naughtiest also.haha. org still ingat macam mana awak masa kecik2 dulu.skeee sangat nak mengamuk.always want to do things your way.kalau tak dapat apa yang dihajati,pasti akan mengamuk.(second child syndroem i guess.;p).lol. now pon macam tu,but in different ways pulak. u always want to do things different form others. yeah i know,like u always said, 'if i want to achieve greatness, i need to be different'. but sometimes being normal is more safe. thats why u end up nak buat double degree kan?Sime Darby offer biotech, u pegi apply plak nk wat commerce and genetic. hurmm..whatever it is, i know u can do it.coz u always do!no doubt..im proud u.

coz its ur birthday, why not uplode skit ur pictures.

cant stop laughing masa 1st time tgk gambar ni.look at u!habes comel la tu?wakakaka.gedempol tul!picture was taken back in 2004..hehe

and noww.i cant find decent pictures of you.thus the picture below.taken earlier this year ms u nk fly.owh tu rambut nk fly mmg la pendek,kalau tgk ur rambut now??erghhhh.panjang macam ape jek.hurmmm..

and my favorite photo of all 3 of us.*wink*..gambar last raya back in 2009. our only picture together for next 5 years eh?;-(

i miss u aijattt!!!bila leh jumpa ni???really really miss u. ;(..love u bro.. see u next next year.huhu. take care of yourself in Sydney.sleep well.study well.pray well. dont do any weird things there (tolong la jangan bawak balik anak mat salleh plak yek). till we meet again..hugs and kisses..

p/s- writing this though i know you cant read this pon, coz u dont know i have a blog.;p

till then,stay tuned people.;p

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