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Monday, September 27, 2010

i am crazy!

hye hye my very first folower! thanks for being the first.heee..;-)

ok,see this picture below?

yeah thats me!! I AM GOING CRAZYYYY!!!
this exam week is making me nuts.
only slept for what,like 4 hours yesterday for the ENT (otolarygology/ ear nose and throat) exam.pfffttt!
and tomorrow, i have ophthalmology exam. all about the eyes. camana mata boleh ade banyak sangat penyakit sampai buku pon nak tebal dekat 2 inch?grrrrr!

on the other hand,updates for countdown

4 days till...exam's over
5 days till...im in malaysia!
10 days till.. i meet him!:))

so yeayyy!what a life ahead waiting for me.ya Allah,bersabar bersabar,finish ur exam first!

till then,bye.;D

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