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Saturday, September 25, 2010


im so bored that i came up with this entry.im supposed to study since im in the middle of exam week, but well im in no mood to study right now. juz looking forward for the upcoming holiday, back to malaysia where i belong.yeay!! countdown :: 7 days from now!*wink wink*

ok,back to my entry post. today i wanna list down few thicgs that came up in my mind, things which i consider to be a dream *dgn kata lain berangan* ,IF i have children in the future. this entry is soo random, even me myself dont know why i suddenly thought of this things.LOL.

now it goes;

1) if one day i have a child, i wanna be the best mother one could ever which for. i want to give best love n education to my child,with endless support n care. i dont want to become a busy woman which neglect their children n juzt give them money. for me, money plays a big role BUT money isnt everything in life. i want them to remember me for being a supportive mom n a caring mom.

2) i have this one desire, of wanting to read a bed time stories to my children. i know Malaysian dont do this kind of stuff. even my parents never did this to me. i believe reading bed time stories to them will generate a good mental health to our children, so why not we do it? if i dont have time, i will ask my husband to do it for me.;-)

3) i want to start save money for my children. i mean for example each month, ill bank in some money for them. its for their future u know. we dont know what happens in the future,so better play a safe game here. maybe its for their education,who knows. i will save some,my husband will save some money also.owh, i think my children are soo lucky to have me.;p

4) exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months at least! haha..yeah i know,kindda weird talking bout this. but hey, we learned in community medicine the importance of this for the children's health!

5) i wanna spoil my children,but in good way of coz. i mean, ill give them anything they want, but not exactly everything. ah, i dont know how to explain. i juz dont want them to have any regrets when they grow older.thats all!

6) i dont want to scole my children, instead i want to teach them in psychological way. i think that works better rather than raising ur voice. i hate it if people do that to me, so i dont want my children to feel the same way too.

7) i want to dress them up nicely! yeahhh, i love watching cute kids well dressed by their parents. at least we know that the parents not only taking care of themselves,but also their children. because i always observed people, they wore branded stuff n their children?selekeh!no no i dont want to be like that.

8) i want to send them to music classes, or ballet classes, or anything which they'r interested. i dont want my child to be boring,nerdy child. let them have fun, but in the same time, make sure their education are not neglected.

thats all i can think of now. will update later if theres any modification or addition.hehe,

till then,tata.;p

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